Making memories in Malta

This rainy weather encouraged me to make holiday memories ;p Thanks to the project „Rozwój nauczycieli sukcesem szkoły” PO WER 2020, I spent two weeks in Malta, where I had the pleasure of attending the ESSE language school.
Before I left, I wondered if learning in Malta would be as effective as in England, but now I think I was worrying unnecessarily. Most Maltese are bilingual, so I had the opportunity to use English not only in school, but also outside of it, which, as you know, is the best and fastest way to learn. The national language of Malta is Maltese, which is the only Semitic language using the Latin alphabet. However, thanks to British influence dating back to 1814, English is the second official language here. Malta was at one time a colony of the British Empire, and although it declared independence in 1964, it still recognizes the supremacy of the British monarch (out of habit I wanted to write the Queen). This is probably why the Maltese speak English so wonderfully, and Malta boasts some of the best language schools in the world.
Going on a language course is not only about learning the language in itself, but also about being with people who came here for the same reason as me, and having fun. I don’t think it’s possible to experience something like this while learning English in our native country. Besides, here I was forced to forget my native language for a while and speak only English …and all this in a relaxing Mediterranean climate and beautiful cinematic views, after all, such cinematic gems as Troy, Gladiator and Game of Thrones were filmed in Malta 🙂